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3 Easy Methods to Boost Your Energy in No Time!
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3 Easy Methods to Boost Your Energy in No Time!

Energy is one thing everyone wants more of.

Why do we want more energy? Because it’s easier to succeed when we have energy! When we have a lot of energy, it flows into all parts of our lives and makes us feel better about the person we see smiling back at us in the mirror.

People who feel super low on energy during the day are typically fall victim to everyday energy killers they don’t even realise are there! From coffee to a stressful lifestyle - if you want more energy so you can achieve more, look how you can implement these three different energy boosters!

ONE: Drink MORE Water.

You’ll notice a big rise in your energy levels if you make a habit of drinking up to 3 litres of water a day. The adult human body is about 60% water, so the more water you drink the better your body will perform.

One easy way to incorporate more water into your diet is to drink a glass of water upon waking up, then keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day. Typically if you purchase a more expensive bottle you’ll keep it with you because you won’t want to lose it!

TWO: Boost Your IMMUNE System.

When you’re struck with the flu it sucks the energy from other areas of your life and stunts growth. Therefore, we want to give ourselves the best chance to avoid getting sick!

We highly recommend consuming foods, and supplements, with high Vitamin C levels. Vitamin C has ascorbic acid which is a sickness fighting molecule. Some high Vitamin C foods include broccoli, kale, kiwifruit, papayas, oranges, snow peas, strawberries and tomatoes.

THREE: Exercise

Exercise has numerous benefits, including weight management, improved mental health, better sleep, increased libido, and even the prevention of illness. We find that working out first thing in the morning not only improves our mood, but also our energy and metabolism for the rest of the day. If you have never exercised before or are just starting back into it, take it easy at first.

Start with low-intensity exercise, keeping your heart rate around 50- 60% of your max. Yoga, brisk walking, pilates, light cycling, swimming, strength training, recreational sport, and jogging are all examples of low-intensity exercises.

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