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Kristy: Re-claiming her pre-pregnancy weight within months!
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Kristy: Re-claiming her pre-pregnancy weight within months!

Let us introduce you to this incredible mum, Kristy. She effortlessly juggles her own business, The Marketing Department, while maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle with her husband. But that's not all – this inspiring woman also has two young boys, and guess what? Within just a few short months (of both pregnancies), she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight!

Before embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood, Kristy was already a fitness enthusiast. She understood the importance of staying active and taking care of her body. Even with her busy schedule, she made sure to squeeze in regular workouts to keep herself in top shape.

Now with two young boys she's had to adapt her routine to accommodate her new role as a mum. However, with unwavering determination, Kristy quickly found her groove again and reclaimed her pre-pregnancy figure. Now, she maintains a flexible workout routine, dedicating herself to training three to four times a week. Not only does this keep her in great shape, but it also provides her with a burst of energy to keep up with her little ones!

Curious, we asked Kristy about how she manages to balance her fitness goals with the commitments of family life? Kristy cleverly plans her weeks to include at least two strength training sessions and two cardio workouts. Her routine now boasts the flexibility to adapt to her child's sleep patterns, allowing her to choose between energising morning sessions or rejuvenating afternoon sweat sessions.

Kristy's journey is a testament to the power of determination and finding a fitness routine that works for you. With her incredible story, she proves that becoming a mum doesn't have to hinder your fitness goals – it can fuel them! So, if you're a mum looking to reclaim your pre-pregnancy body or an aspiring fitness enthusiast seeking inspiration, take a page out of Kristy's book and let her incredible story motivate you to push past your limits.

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