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Mera: How this Supermum Lost Over 10kg Postpartum!
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Mera: How this Supermum Lost Over 10kg Postpartum!

Prepare to be inspired by Mera, a true powerhouse who defied the odds and achieved remarkable results while juggling a thriving career and a loving family of five! She's the ultimate role model for mums looking to embark on their health journey after childbirth. And guess what? She did it all with the help of 3PC, making fitness a priority despite her busy schedule.

But how did Mera conquer her goals?

The Answer: Training!

Mera wholeheartedly committed to attending our classes 4-6 times per week, and let's be honest, that's no small feat! When we caught up with her, she revealed her secret: prioritising her habits. Instead of staying up late binge-watching Netflix, she chose to hit the sack earlier and rise before the kids to conquer the gym. Talk about dedication!

But that's not all. Mera took her fitness journey to the next level by incorporating running into her routine. Before some 3PC classes, she would lace up her running shoes and conquer 2 to 5 kilometres on our open gym treadmills. It's this unwavering commitment that earned her first place in our 2021 End of Year 6-Week Challenge. And the best part? She has continued to surpass her own expectations, constantly improving her results. Mera, you're an inspiration to all our 3PCers!

So, whether you're a mum looking to regain your pre-baby fitness or simply seeking motivation to conquer your health goals, let Mera's story ignite that fire within you. With determination, the right support, and a sprinkle of 3PC magic, you too can unleash your inner superhero and achieve incredible transformations. Keep soaring, Mera! Your journey has touched the hearts of many, and we can't wait to see what amazing things you'll achieve next!

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