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Why DIETS Don’t Work! And The True Secret to Fat Loss...
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Why DIETS Don’t Work! And The True Secret to Fat Loss...

One of the first crazy diets, the Hollywood or grapefruit diet, advocated that eating sour fruit with every meal was the key to remaining lean. Not surprisingly, this turned out to be false.

So how has the "diet" industry grown into a trillion-dollar industry across the globe? There is still a lot of jargon about weight loss that influencers and companies claim to be true, but that hasn't received any support from researchers.

Why is a healthy weight important?

Successful weight management is clearly something that needs to be taught to our population, as two-thirds of Australians are overweight or obese. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to make small changes to the way you eat that you can put into practice gradually.

The increase in obesity rates and linked medical problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure are primary causes of mortality. It seems more vital than ever for us all to approach weight loss with a complete idea of what works and what doesn't.

Why don't diets work?

You have been watching what you eat for a while now, but it seems like you're not making any progress. It's natural to wonder if those extra kilos will ever come off. But don't throw in the towel and give up on your diet just yet. Try to see whether one of these subtle things is undermining your weight loss efforts.

Is it possible for you to eat before bedtime?

A late-night snack might ruin your weight-loss efforts. It's not so much that you're eating late at night, but rather that we're usually exhausted after a long day. This leads to us not noticing how much we are consuming when snacking!

You shouldn't avoid after-dinner snacks; just be smart about them. When you snack while watching TV or using the computer, put a serving of chips in a bowl rather than taking the whole bag with you.

Is it because you are under a lot of pressure?

When you're anxious, your body tends to hold on to fat because it goes into survival mode. Try exercise or meditation to relieve stress.

Is it because you don't eat breakfast?

It's possible. When you skip your first meal of the day, it might work against you. You'll be starving later, so you could binge during lunch!

Take a bite of something in the morning. A high-fibre, high-protein breakfast might help you feel fuller for longer. Cottage cheese with fruit, eggs with whole-wheat bread, or Greek yoghurt with a banana are all excellent options.

Been dieting for too long?

What will happen if we continue to restrict our food intake or push our bodies to spend more energy through exercise so that we exhaust our body's energy reserves?

When we drain our body of too much energy, it can lead to a loss of muscle. Since our muscle mass and metabolism are intimately connected, decreasing muscle slows down our metabolism. People with slow metabolisms often gain weight quickly and have trouble staying at a healthy weight over time.

This is very dangerous, which is why we highly recommend seeing a nutritionist or dietician! Our body tries to preserve energy and slows everything down, such as:

  • reduced heart rate
  • Blood pressure falls.
  • The digestive system slows down, which makes you feel more bloated, constipated, or in stomach pain than before.
  • The brain slows down, causing trouble concentrating, problem-solving, and thinking in general.

Proven hacks to lose fat

Don't give up! Empower yourself with these fat-loss lifestyle suggestions, and you'll be able to keep it off for good!

If you have a thyroid problem, you should talk to your doctor to make sure it is under control and not damaging your wellbeing.

Consume the same number of calories but at a different time of day.

If you're serious about losing fat, you'll need to eat fewer calories than you expend each day. There is no getting around that fact! However, these following tricks will make it easier!

Increase your workout frequency.

You may lose weight steadily and permanently by completing a handful of cardio and weight training sessions every week. A quick tip: if you want to shed fat quicker, you may benefit from speeding things up while weight training by going for a higher rep range and lighter weight!

combination of cardiovascular variations

The battle between steady-state cardio and HIIT training continues. Which cardio is best for quick weight loss?

Even though steady-state exercise burns fat for a longer time and is easier to do on a regular schedule, interval training raises your metabolic rate for hours after the workout is over.

So, why not do them both throughout the week?

Consider Options Other Than the Fat-Burner

Many confuse the words "leaning out" and "fat burner." And, yes, the greatest fat burners might be an incredible asset to your arsenal. However, there are several non-stimulant alternatives worth considering.

Protein is unquestionably one of them. Did you know that when you cut calories, your protein requirements increase? Another option is fish oil, which has been found to reduce fat and increase muscle retention.


Diets are old-school methods of losing body fat. A nutritious and healthy diet will benefit your fitness journey in the long run, and this is the approach everyone should use to lose weight effectively!

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