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Why 30 seconds ON, 20 seconds OFF for weight training?

Why 30 seconds ON, 20 seconds OFF for weight training?

Our new classes have changed the way we attack our strength work. Moving from a timed station where you could allocate your own rest to a block which is more structured… many members have been asking what the benefits are of this style of training. So here are the two biggest ones!

ONE: Works you closer to failure

Working for 30 seconds may not sound long, but when completing strength exercises for 30 seconds, you’ll find that you work much closer to failure than you would with a set repetition range. This is because you can either lift heavier and work to failure with lower reps or go a light and perform more reps in the 30 seconds.

Strength training close to failure like this, has the potential to keep your metabolic rate higher after the class (meaning you burn more calories) and can also improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacities.

TWO: Fits more in a shorter amount of time

Working in a time based session allows for greater volume of work in a shorter amount of time. Working in 30 second intervals with 20 seconds rest fits a whole set and rest in under a minute, allowing you to get more done!

Fitting more load in during this shorter time frame will keep your heart rate elevated, but also have enough rest to hit the next 30 seconds with the same, if not more intensity, leading to higher muscle mass gains!

Fitting more in a shorter time also means you can hit a wider range of exercises and strengthen all body parts each and every session.

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