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Excellent recipes are easy and yummy and prep is easy Thank you so much just wish you posted conversion chart for USA measurements that’s the only flaw.

Josh Trinchini's Healthy Recipes | eBook

Tasty, Nutritious and Time Saving!

Great book, the recipes are really easy to follow and really tasty every time. A busy family of 4 with lots of things going on during the week, it's great to do the prep over the weekend and have all the spare time in the mornings and at lunch times so we don't have to rush around and cobble something together - also they make great meals for our girls to take to their dance classes and heat and eat, knowing that they're eating good food and not junk makes a big difference.

Great recipes

Very easy to follow recipes. Taste great and amazing to know all the 'maths' has been done so at the end of the day you can just enjoy a delicious healthy low cal meal.

No bloat protein

Great, the only protein I buy.
Doesn’t bloat you, taste great.
No synthetic taste either.

This is light and easy to use. The lid will be hard to clean if you don’t clean straight after use - shake with water after using to clean out

5 stars!

Loved finding ways to use protein powder into recipes! Thank you

Recipe book review

Great variety of recipes. Thank you 😊

Easy to follow and delicious!

An easy to follow recipe book which is perfect for using to prep breakfast, lunch and/or dinner to achieve your desired macros and calorie intake. Not only are the recipes uncomplicated, they are absolutely delicious and I really appreciate the accompanying videos showcasing how to make each one. These recipes make weight loss so achievable and sustainable!

Simple & Delicious

Loved the book! Great simple recipes with minimal ingredients and super quick to whip up. Really there isn’t any excuse not to improve your nutrition with this book at your fingertips.

Great recipes!

Easy & simple to make!


Great recipes thankyou

definitely try the vanilla protein!

Hands down one of the best protein powders i've ever had. Tastes just like vanilla icecream and mixes quite well with anything!

Great product

I’m super fussy when it comes to my protein as I’m susceptible to getting itchy throat and bloating if it’s a poor quality, so I’ve always sought top quality protein since my 20’ s!

The past few years I’ve bought the gold standard whey, but the 3 pillar protein is seriously the best I’ve had for being light, smooth, not clumpy, great taste and zero bloating or itchy throat effects.

I actually look forward to it after a workout.

Awesome job!

Marathon Training Guide

Last year I supported my friend by running 10km in the Melbourne Marathon Festival. This year I’d like to increase my distance by running the half marathon and so I was looking for guide to help me along this process. 3Pillar – Marathon Guide is a comprehensive work that provides an incremental approach to achieving one’s goals.
The guide has well-structured training plans, building physical strength but also gives confidence, making the seemingly daunting task of completing a marathon feel achievable. In addition, there is an importance of overall well-being through strength training exercises, cross-training recommendations, and valuable tips on nutrition and hydration that provide a balanced approach to marathon preparation.
This is very user-friendly and is easy to follow, with clear instructions that combine the existing program in the gym with marathon specific tasks. A novice runner like me, feels ready to pound the pavement and tackle the half marathon. “Trust the process”, and now it’s time to put the theory into action!

Goal power

Great way to visually see goals

A 5 star protein powder!

Like to have a scoop of protein with my oats in the morning!

the first protein powder i’ve tried that actually tastes good

Chocolate protein powder

I don’t usually drink protein drinks but after I tried the sample I made my own purchase because it was delicious !!!

Amazingly yummy!

This protein powder is the best! It hits that chocolate craving when you want something sweet. I like to drink it mixed with water and I often add it to my breakfast. The most delicious Chocolate Protein I’ve ever had!

Best I've tasted

This is amazing, I really enjoy the chocolate, just like chocolate milk. I’m not normally a fan of vanilla but now I’m happy to switch between the flavours, love this one. I have tried different brands however this is the best and none of that powdery after taste you get with others.

Tastes sooooo delicious! 10/10

Perfect arvo snack!

I’ve had a chocolate protein shake every day since we bought our first tub home! Not only does it taste dangerously close to a chocolate milkshake, but is super filling as well. Recommend!

Guilt free treat

I am a big fan of this protein powder. Both chocolate and vanilla flavours are delicious and somehow this protein powder tastes like a treat. I love mixing it with Greek yoghurt and it’s like dessert heaven – my guilt free indulgence. My kids love it too, I find that this is a great occasional milkshake treat for them! Highly recommend trying this protein powder – you won’t want another one.


The best protein shake we’ve ever had! The perfect 3pm pick me up, best part is we mix it with water and it still tastes like chocolate milk!!